HDB Resale Flat Designer Package ( For Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms )

A) Professional Services

1)   Space Planning and Furniture Layout

2)   Design Consultation

3)   Furniture Consultation

4)   Perspective Drawing on Carpentry Works

5)   Material & Colour Proposal

6)   Project Management & Site Supervision & Audit

7)   Warranty With After Sales Services

8)   Arrange & Co-ordinate Gas Works With PUB

B) Demolish Works

9)   Hacking of all bathrooms floor and wall finish

10)  Hacking of kitchen floor and wall finish

11)   Hacking of cement mortar base and dapoh slap

12)   Hacking of bathroom door and frames

13)   Hacking of bathroom's fittings and accessories

14)   Hacking of kitchen cabinets

C) Masonry Works

15)   Laying of ceramic floor @ kitchen

16)   Laying of ceramic floor @ bathrooms

17)   Laying of water-proof membrane @ kitchen and bathrooms

18)   Laying of ceramic wall finish @ kitchen

19)   Laying of ceramic wall finish @ bathrooms

20)   Construct 50 mm cabinet base

21)   Construct 50 mm washer base

22)   Construct 50 mm fridge base

23)   Construct shower kerb @ bathrooms

24)   Supply and install stainless steel rubbish chute

D) Plumbing / Electrical Works

25)   Replacement of standard copper piping

26)   Supply and install 2 sets of sitting water closets

27)   Supply and install 2 sets of wash basins

28)   Labour for installation of storage or instant heater

29)   Labour for installation of bathroom accessories

30)   Labour for installation of kitchen sink

31)   Laying concealed drainage pipe for kitchen sink

32)   Laying concealed drainage pipe for washing machine

33)   Laying concealed drainage pipe for bathroom wash basin

E) Carpentry Works

34)   Design & fabricate 20 ft kitchen cabinet in ABS trimming laminated door c/w

i   Plywood postform worktop , designer handles & cultrey tray

ii   Supply and install stainless steel dish rack

iii  Labour to install cooker hood and hob

iv   Stainless steel panel backing at cooker hob

F) Miscellaneous / General Services

35)   Painting or re-vanishing of existing main door

36)   Supply and install 2 sets of powder coated bifold doors @ bathrooms

37)   Supply and install 10 mm tempered glass shower screen @ master toilet

38)   Painting of kitchen and bathroom ceiling with ICI emulsion paints

39)   Painting of all pipes with gloss paint

40)   Laying of floor protection after completeion of flooring works

41)   Chemical washing for whole unit

42)   General cleaning upon completeion

Free Designer hood , hob , stainless steel sink and sink tap for above package deal
 Usual Price Promotion Price
HDB 3 Room$14,388$13,188
HDB 4 Room$14,988$13,688
HDB 5 Room$15,288$13,888
HDB Executive Apt$15,588$14,188

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